Accepting Applications


We are accepting applications for full-time enrollment. Tuition is based on age and includes education, healthy snacks and active play!

For more information email us:


What is the cost?

Infant $185 weekly 1-year-old $175 weekly 2-year-old $170 weekly 3-year-old $165 weekly 4-year-old $160 weekly 5-year-old $150 weekly School Aged Students Before and After School $80 weekly Before and After School 4 days and 1 full day $100 weekly 5-12-year-old full-time $120 weekly Sibling Discount: 10% off oldest child

Are you a State Licensed Facility?

The Nest operates In compliance with the Code of Virginia, Section 63.2-1716, this Center is religiously exempt from licensure and is classified as a “religiously exempt child day center.” Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Division of Licensing Programs inspectors will conduct inspections to monitor our compliance with Code requirements, investigate complaints if noncompliance with Code requirements is alleged, and monitor compliance.

How many children can your center accomodate?

The maximum number of children that the Center will enroll is 100 children. Under Phase III Guidelines for COVID-19 recovery we have designed our space to group similar age children together and designed our daily schedules to keep exposure minimal amongst our children.